[EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE] Carousel: Stay Awake (The Soundmen Remix)

Look up “Baby Making Music” on Wikipedia (cause who uses an actual dictionary these days?) and I’m willing to bet money you will find a hyperlink to this track. This is that magic little song you turn on right after you pour the wine and dim the lights to set the mood. The Soundmen turn up the heat and replace ‘Stay Awake’s original gossamery sound with deep sexy 808 bumps and lush voluptuous synths – no joke, these are the Christina Hendricks of synths. The remix isn’t just about carnal endeavors, The Soundmen are true gentlemen and romantics to the core and keep Carousel’s tender sweetness completely intact. Kevin’s lush vocals caress the deep beats creating a tantalizing cocktail of affection and seduction.

The remix of ‘Stay Awake’ caps off a huge year for both Carousel and The Soundmen. The Soundmen dropped their debut single ‘Funny Feeling‘ this fall -complete with a full remix EP & music video – and have released countless remixes. Carousel have been touring the US, released their debut music video for ‘Let’s Go Home’ and are hard at work on their debut LP. To thank all of their collective fans for the support they are offering the remix up for a free download just in time for Christmas. True gentlemen indeed.

The Soundmen’s latest remix is the third of original remixes Kick Kick Snare has helped make happen in the past few months. The new wave remix of Voltaire Twin’s ‘Young Adult’ & Panic City’s euphoric dance floor packing remix of Queen of Heart’s ‘Warrior’ were the first two. These are just the beginning of what Kick Kick Snare has planned for new music and exclusive content for our loyal readers. You can expect more original music, collaborations and remixes made possible by Kick Kick Snare to come in 2013.

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